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  • Women's Group X Training

    Women's Group X Training

    We are excited to be adding women’s group fitness classes to our location. Launching November 21, Women’s Group X Training will offer an array of classes designed for all fitness levels. Our goal is to set up a comfortable environment to inspire women to develop a happy, healthy lifestyle in a group setting. Certified instructors will lead you through our various group classes like Pump It Up, HIIT Sweat, Cardio Kickboxing, Tone It Up, Dance It out, and Yoga. The secret to sticking with a health and fitness program is finding activities that you enjoy and keep you moving. Join us and discover a new community of empowered women. Pump It Up- Get a full body pump with various ....

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  • 2022 Competitions Roll Call

    Each year, some of our members take their training to the next level and compete in all kinds of events. Our members do us proud with their hard work and dedication. So, we love to show off their great work. January 2022 Alexis Raymundo competed in his first ever powerlifting meet at the Red River Showdown in Oklahoma. He ended with a 424.3 lb. squat, 259 lb. bench, and 446.4 lb. deadlift. East Texas Toughest strongman competition was held Jan 30 at the Mt. Pleasant Civic Center. Todd Taylor, Kyle Thompson and Andrew Burton competed: Kyle got 2nd in 264# novice heavyweight, Todd got 1st in 264# open heavyweight, and Andrew got 2nd in open super heavyweight. February 2022 Scarlette Odell ....

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  • Legends Fit Family Day At The Park

    On June 4th at 11AM, we are having a Legends Fit family day at The Park At Hickory Ridge (1910 Walnut Ridge Dr, Rockwall, TX 75032). Come out for games, splash pad, food and soft drinks (BYOB). Come, bring your family, and join your gym family. Sign up here . ....

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  • Post-Show: Now What?

    Post-Show: Now What?

    Posted by Chip For our competitive bodybuilding competitors: You trained and dieted your ass off and made the major accomplishment of competing in a physique competition. Most people work with a coach and plan for the months, weeks, and day of a show. Post-show heading into an off-season? Well, most people don’t plan for that…outside planning all-you-can-eat buffets options. Post-show, you are going to likely be in a state of lowered metabolic rate, poor sleep patterns, a state of high fatigue, hormones and health markers out of adjustment (even more so for the folks that use enhancing supplements), high focus on eating, and likely some fluid retention. You will be a state ....

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  • Perfecting Pull Ups

    Perfecting Pull Ups

    Posted by Chip "The exercises you avoid the most at the gym are the ones you probably most need to do.” One of those exercises people avoid is the Pull Up. The Pull Up is a great back exercise, as well as a terrific biceps builder. Most people avoid it since they do not have the strength to do them - either people new to resistance training lack the strength or even advanced bodybuilders who get large and heavy enough that they struggle with them. However, there are several proven ways to get to where you can rep out Pull Ups, whether you can do one or two now or even if you cannot yet do one rep. On all of these below, practice slower negatives (the part of the Pull Up when you ....

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  • Help! My Fat Loss Is Stalled

    Help! My Fat Loss Is Stalled

    Posted by Chip Train and diet hard enough and stay in a caloric deficit long enough, your body often adapts to preserve energy fat, stalling the process. It’s pretty common…it’s really another sign of overall progress. Assuming you have been on target (not skipping cardio, not eating more food than on your plan, etc.), what to do if you have hit a plateau? First off, take care of things that can hinder fat loss and get on point. Stress/cortisol, lack of or poor sleep quality, poor digestion, etc. can affect both recovery and fat loss. If you are burned out from the process, consider a small break — de-load, drop some cardio, add back some food — and get ....

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  • Lift and Walk...Away From An Early Grave

    Posted by Chip It is common knowledge that good exercise is beneficial, even as we get older. Several new studies have come out showing how "movement is medicine" for all ages. Get to the gym to lift and get walking! Study: Every 1000 Steps Matters (Daily Step Count and All-Cause Mortality: A Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Prospective Cohort Studies by Jayedi et al. (2021)) This is a recent meta-analysis that analyzed all of the prospective studies investigating the relationship between daily step counts and all-cause mortality. Seven studies were included in the meta-analysis, accounting for 28,141 total participants, 175,370 person-years, and 2,310 deaths. The ....

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  • Knee Wraps Or Knee Sleeves?

    Knee Wraps Or Knee Sleeves?

    Posted by Chip When squatting really heavy, it is not uncommon for powerlifters and bodybuilders to use either knee sleeves or knee wraps. Is one better than the other? Well, one study looked at squatting with knee wraps, knee sleeves, or with nothing on the knees (unequipped). The takeaway: There doesn’t seem to be any downside to knee sleeves as they appear to provide more comfort and stability without reducing muscle forces as when squatting unequipped. It needs to be studied a bit more, but long-term muscle growth may be suboptimal using knee wraps regularly, but they may help with longevity since they had less knee joint force observed. The study details: 15 ....

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  • Free Event: Sips & Self Defense

    Free Event: Sips & Self Defense

    All local ladies 13+ are welcome to come participate in a one full hour of cardio kickboxing and self-defense session. Learn what warning signs to watch for, how to protect you and your family, and how to get out of a physical altercation. Stay after for some skinny margaritas, snacks, wine, and more! This is a free event and free childcare will also be provided. Please sign up prior to the event at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4dadaf2ca6f4c07-sips ....

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  • “Is there an ab workout for me to get abs?”

    “Is there an ab workout for me to get abs?”

    Posted by Chip “Is there an ab workout for me to get abs?” is probably one of the most common questions trainers get. Unfortunately, there are some trainers out there willing to sell “ab programs.” The real truth is that visible abs is more about how lean you are. When losing body fat, you tend to lose it proportionally; unfortunately, the body deposits body fat disproportionately (for men, more often than not, body fat stores disproportionately around the waist; for women, the hips, butt, and thighs). So, the waist is often the last place where a lot of people lean out. For guys, the beginning outline of a 6 pack of abs typically becomes visible once body ....

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