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Food Prep Hacks: Perfect Eggs

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Posted by: Chip


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As a gym with a lot of bodybuilders and people looking to put on some muscle, eggs and egg whites are a bodybuilding diet staple on many people’s program.  

The traditional approach of boiling eggs and peeling them often ends up with eggs that are difficult to peel as the shell sticks to the cooked egg whites, and you often end up with that nasty green ring around the yolk.  

Those problems are solved with this hack.

The trick is that rather than boil the eggs, steam them instead.  In a pot, pour in 1-2” inches of water and bring to a boil.   Add the eggs above the water in a steaming basket, cover, and steam for 13 minutes.  As the water in the pot will change to steam, you need to use enough water to last in the bottom of the pot to allow for steaming that length of time.

Put the steamed eggs in a large plastic container filled with cold water to stop the cooking process.  Let them cool in the cold water for 15 minutes.

Pour out half the water out of the water bath.  Toss in a few ice cubes.  Put on a tight lid on the plastic container.  Now, the fun part: shake those eggs vigorously 30-40 times.

Take off the lid…and you will find the eggs are already practically peeled.  The shell will practically fall off the egg.  Even better, when you eat them, the yolk is perfect and there is no green ring.

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