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Who We Are

In business, when people ask “who are you?”, wise advice is to have a 20-30 second “elevator pitch.”  I used to be good at that in the corporate world.  However, when people ask about Legends Fit, I am not so great at a 20 second answer.  The reason is that when I ask members what they love about the gym, I get a lot of different (but terrific) answers.  We have such a diverse group of of now over 1500 members, so “who we are” depends on the person.

So, who are we at Legends Fit?

In general, we are locally owned serious and goal-oriented gym that values our members.  Unlike a big box national chain gym, we do not view our members as nothing but revenue streams for renting access to the gym equipment.  We generally love – and are motivated by – the transformations our members make over time.
We help busy moms put themselves first, so they can feel strong and beautiful, while stepping into the body they truly love, in fun group training classes without hours of cardio. And we have child care hours during the week to help make it happen…

We are the home to most competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders in our area.  We provide the necessary equipment and atmosphere for serious workouts.   We have coaches that help bodybuilders and physique competitors, who feel overwhelmed with prep, become champions with step-by-step customized strategies and programs. 
We help 3rd shifters and people with non-traditional work hours maintain their fitness with 24/7 access.
We help kids become bully-proof, learn discipline, and become self-confident with our after school martial arts classes.
We support our police, fire, and military.  Aside from deep discounts for those full time active responders, we run events during the year recognizing our police and fire members, do charity events for veterans causes, and help support or promote community events for our first responders.

We are part of the local community, and we live our values.   Whether holding food and clothing drives, putting on charity fundraising events, being members of the Rockwall Chamber, putting on educational seminars and health fairs, hosting a weekly Men’s Bible Study, filling up all the slots for blood drives for the Red Cross held at the gym, or opening up the gym during the February winter storm to those needing a place to shower or stay, we believe in being an active and good community citizen of the Rockwall area.
We are the true “no judgement zone.”  You don’t get singled out, mocked or thrown out for training too hard.  Our current members are generally welcoming to new members.  It does not matter your size or condition…if you come to train hard, you will find Legends Fit to have the best atmosphere around.

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